19-inch LCD Desktop Monitors:

PLL1920M 19" LED LCD Monitor with 2 BNC input/output sets and VGA input

The Planar PLL1920M LED LCD monitor features two BNC input/output sets, one VGA input and integrated speakers which makes it ideal for security, surveillance, gaming or other video applications. Learn More »

Part Number: 997-5956-00
Usually ships the same business day.

Planar PLL1911M 19" LED LCD Desktop Monitor

The PlanarĀ® PLL1911M 19" LED LCD monitor features a 5:4 aspect ratio, dual input, integrated speakers and an adjustable stand that makes it perfect for business applications. Learn More »

Part Number: 997-7451-00
Usually ships the same business day.

PLL1910M 19-inch LED LCD Monitor

Planar’s PLL1910M is your perfect business display. A reliable product with superb contrast that delivers brilliant and crisp images. Learn More »

Part Number: 997-6958-00
Usually ships the same business date.