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Power Supply (997-3165-00)

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The power supply connects the power cord to the display.
15 inch XP15SSA LCD TV, LA15, PT1500MX, PT1505MU, PT1575S, PT1501MX, PT1585P, PT1500M, PT1500MU, PT1520MU, PT1501M, PT1501MU, PT150M, PT150MU
17 inch XP17W LCD TV, PQ1710M, PT1700M, PT1700MU, PT1700MX, PT1701MX, PT1705MU, PT1775S, PT1785P, PT1701M, PT1701MU, PT1710MX, PT170M, PT170MU, PX1710M, PX171M-BK, PX171M-SI, ND1750 (single connector)
19 inch PQ1910M, PT1910MX, PT1915MU, PT1975S, PT1911MX, PT1975R, PT1985P, PX191, PX1910M, ND1950, LA1950R, LA1950RTR, LA1950RTS
20+ inch PT2245PW, LA2250RTPW
Color: Black. Cable length: 6FT.

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Part Number: 997-3165-00
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