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LA1950RTS 19" SAW Touch Screen Open-Frame Kiosk Display

Get all the advantages of Planar's desktop LCD monitor in an embeddable, open-frame style. The LA1950RTS features SAW touch screen and dual serial/USB touch screen interface for use in indoor environments. No drivers are needed for basic touchscreen operation, but for advanced features, drivers are quickly loaded using the easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. The display is perfect for cost-sensitive retail, ticketing and hospitality applications. Fully warranted with 3-year, 2-day advance replacement, the LA1950RTS is ideal for integrators and OEMs. Learn More »

Found in Open-frame Displays (LA, LB, LC, LX)
Part Number: 997-6289-00lf
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Power Supply (997-3165-00)

Price: $79.99

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The power supply connects the power cord to the display.
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Color: Black. Cable length: 6FT.

Found in Accessories
Part Number: 997-3165-00
Usually ships the same business day.